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Ceylon Blue Sapphire

Ceylon Blue Sapphire has an imperative role in Vedic astrology. This is one of the most sought-after and valued gemstone, known for its association with the planet Saturn (Shani). The stone brings fruitful effects in career, health, relationships, wealth, etc.

Emerald Panna Gemstone

The Emerald Panna Gemstone has special place in Indian astrology and Vedic gemology. Supplied gemstones are made to enhance the positive effects of Mercury and boost education, intelligences and trade.

Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone has great astrological significance. This is a birthstone for Sagittarius zodiac sign. It is said that this stone brings success, good fortune and wealth to the wearers.

Blue Sapphire Neelam Gemstone

Wearing Blue Sapphire Neelam Gemstone brings financial prosperity and attract wealth and financial prospects. The gemstones brings prosperity and abundance, mainly in business and career accomplishments.

Ruby Manik Gemstone

The Ruby Manik gemstones we deal in have been made to hold a vital significance in several traditions and cultures. This is a red-colored variety of the mineral corundum which is worn by many for rise in all aspects of life.

Precious Gemstone

Precious gemstones supplied by us are appreciable for their beauty, metaphysical properties and rarity. The gemstone brings love, strength, purity, and clarity of thought to the wearers. It also brings spiritual awareness.


Semi Precious Gemstone

Semi Precious Gemstone are suited for several spiritual and healing practices.  Many cultures believe in the abstract and healing properties of gemstones. These have unique energies which facilitate emotions, physical health and well-being.  These are worn for spiritual growth, love and compassion.

Opal Gemstone

Opal Gemstones are the essential part of ethnic and tribal Jewelry. These are available in different exclusive design in several cultures around the world. All these gemstones have cultural and representative significance in these groups.


Cats Eye Lehsunia Gemstone

The Cats Eye Lehsunia Gemstone is usually worn as a protective stone that do away with the negative energies, accidents and evil spirits. The gemstone makes a shield of psychic and spiritual sprotection to the wearer.

Natural Rudraksha

Natural Rudraksha we deal in are functional as the great meditation beads, which are widely used as the prayer beads. They help our minds to focus and attain a deeper meditative state.

Astrology Silver Jewelry

Astrology Silver Jewelry are the exquisite jewelry pieces which reflect many astrological symbols, signs and concepts. These pieces are included with several astrological elements and brings several astrological benefits.

Astrology Panchdhatu Jewelry

We offer Astrology Panchdhatu Jewelry, which are made to boost the effects of prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices. The jewelry brings a deeper connection with divine energies and higher awareness.

Gemstone Ring

Gemstone Ring we deal in are the beautiful jewelry pieces available with healing and metaphysical and properties. The rings have several cultural and mystical beliefs. The rings also have calming and protective attributes.